Student Visit Goes to Japan – Immersion Program in Osaka

Student Visit Goes to Japan – Immersion Program in Osaka

This academic year (2018/2019), SIT Al Haraki offered a great opportunity to visit one of the awesome country, Japan. In this visit, we had a very good immersion program at Japan school and university, we also joined in Indonesian Festival at Kawachinagano.

At KICSS Event Hall, Kawachinagano, we attended an Indonesian Festival, the annual event held by Luna Friendship Association. Luna Friendship Association was established in 2017 as a citizen organization, promotes international exchange in the community through exchange with foreign residents and countries abroad. The mission of Luna Friendship Association are to promote multicultural understanding and enhancing friendship between Japan and Indonesia People, furthermore to support of events and activities which further the objectives of the association.

We also went to Kawachinagano Municipal Media Center on the same day. Media Center is a place where students from Japan can share culture and knowledge globally to other students from different countries via  video conference.

Students who joined this program not only felt the hype of Japanese culture in its origin, but also learn many things about how the best school in Osaka run and how Japanese students study.

We visit Seikyo Gakuen Junior Highschool, Nagano Highschool, and Osaka Electro Communication University. There we have short immersion program that we learn Japanese and English inside the class.

SIT Al Haraki believe that through this program students can learn many things from many aspects. Furthermore, they can implement the good values they get from this program in their daily life.