Funtastic 2021 for Teachers  in SMAIT Al- Haraki – “Readers Bring World Toward”

Funtastic (For Understanding English with Native Speakers Effectively) for teachers is an event aimed to improve the English communication and teaching skills of SMAIT Al Haraki teachers. This event was held on Friday, 8th October 2021, chaired by Ms. Agtifa Ila who is also an English teacher and supported by the Management of SMAIT and SIT Al Haraki. SMAIT Al Haraki succeeded in inviting an English Native teacher and trainer. The speaker was Mr. Gerrit Jacobus Van Dan called Mr. Ed. He talked about “Self-paced English learner”.

Mr. Ed opened the presentation by introducing himself, his background, and his family. In addition, Mr. Ed also asked every teacher to introduce themselves to each other.  To make the situation more fun, Mr. Ed directly gave the game to the teachers. All participants are very enthusiastic to play the game. The teachers were divided into 3 groups.  Every group determined which statements are used for starting or closing lessons.

Then, Mr. Ed continued presenting the material that had been prepared. He talked about tips for teaching including how to master the class and control students in learning. Besides, Mr. Ed invited teachers to play the role in different school situations. The teacher practiced the situation in English. All teachers were very excited and enthusiastic. Sometimes, the teachers asked Mr. Ed about the topic. With pleasure, Mr. Ed answered all teacher’s questions with his best answers.

Finally, one of the teachers, Ms. Ulfa, talked about her impression of the event. She was very excited. We, all teachers, hope that Funtastic can be carried out continuously because this program makes the spirit for the teachers to improve our English skills.  Through this activity, SMAIT and SIT Al Haraki management wish this event is useful for the teachers so they can apply English in teaching and learning.

Funtastic 2021 for Students  in SMAIT Al- Haraki – “Readers Bring World Toward”

Nazlina X IPA

At Wednesday, it was a surprise to have a native speaker around us, Mr. Ed is a kind person, he seems cheerful too, he taught us so many lessons, first about reading techniques, I have no idea about that one before, but after Mr. Ed’s class, I’m so glad I got information about that.

Then, I understood what narrative text means, but to get the meaning, it wasn’t in the usual way, but we played games instead, and the most interesting thing is the prizes, Mr. Ed bought so many prizes for us, we really enjoyed the game. And after that, Mr Ed wanted us to come to the front of class to read the story of “little mermaid” even though I didn’t get the chance to go there, it was amazing to be able to see my friends read that story enthusiastically, it was a really fun experiences, and I feel so honored to have you with us that time, so, thank you so much for came to our school, I hope we can meet again next time

Ayman Hanifam Muslim X IPS

This is my experience learning with native 

My experience learning with natives I am very happy because there are many lessons that I can take from these natives, besides that it can also test my English skills.

And to make my English even better, in addition to my valuable experience being able to speak directly with natives. But, I think we need to prepare a microphone for the native so that the native’s voice will be more audible.

Raia X IPS

For me it was one of my best experiences, being able to talk with a native speakers directly was very fun, I can learn English vocabulary properly. I also learn about narrative text. Not only that, I can learn to be more confident by speaking in front of the class. Usually I’m afraid to speak in front of many people, but yesterday was so much fun that I forgot my fear, this is also my first time talking to foreigner, isn’t that great? Playing while learning is the greatest thing.

Sultan Rayya O. X IPA 

I learned and experienced with native speakers last week. At that time, I was able to add knowledge about the techniques in reading and I felt happy at that time. It was an unforgettable day for me and I look forward to see him again. I hope that in the future more games will be held when with native speakers to add excitement that will always be affected.

Arsyadya Rafie XI IPA

The event last Thursday, was engaging and fun. We got to know how our class mates feel about online school and offline. It somehow makes me realize some truths about online school. 

One disadvantage of online school is definitely the distraction from cell phone, where we get text messages from friends, or being tempted to play online games. But the advantages are also benefiting, for example even though it’s boring (because we don’t get to go anywhere) but its keeping us safe and healthy. I miss offline learning at school, and agree to try slowly for Offline School while observing the health protocols carefully.


Last Thursday my school invited a speaker from the Netherlands, he visited my school to chat with us and learn English with us, we talked for a long time in class and we were taught a lot of things.

In addition to learning we also play games so that the atmosphere is not saturated, I was very happy during the activity even though I didn’t really understand what he was saying, but I felt happy because I could learn English with fun


Hi, my name is Najwa Maulidiani from 11th grade IPA Al Farabi. Here I want to tell you a little about my experience following Funtastic with Mr. Ed. Previously I was very happy to be able to take part in fun activities offline because we could meet face to face. During Funtastic activity we were able to exchange stories and play games where we could share positive and negative things about online classes. We are divided into two groups and one by one came forward to write about the advantages and disadvantages of online classes. Because the results of the two groups are tied, the one who gets the prize is the person who can explain what he got from Funtastic activity. After playing the game, we listened to some friends who came forward to present their posters. I was amazed because there were various kinds of poster titles that they made, with clear and complete content.

My impression of participating in Funtastic activity was that I was very happy and enjoyed participating in yesterday’s activity, and I got a lot of new things from the beginning of the activity to the end of the activity. My message for Funtastic in the future is that we can do Funtastic face to face like what we did yesterday, and with a longer time so that we can do more activities together.