YOLO! Let’s Be Talkative by Talking with Native!

Talkative is the abbreviation of Talk in English with Native. In this programme not only for students but also teachers studied and communicated with native within a week.

The material of Talkative sessions was about writing certain texts based on the English lesson in each level. Level 7 studied about descriptive text focus on how to describe things around. Level 8 studied about descriptive text focus on how to describe any special personal things such as favourite pet, idol, or any valuable things. Level 9 studied about report text focus on current issue or any other general things.

Before the Talkative week, students are guided to prepare the outline about the text. Then when the native speaker taught the students, he explained about the material more detail and assisted them in making a good writing. Native used various approach in delivering English material such as discussion, games, or quizzes.

Native speaker substituted SMPIT Al Haraki English teachers and taught each class once within a week. There were 12 sessions for 12 classes from Monday to Thursday.

After the sessions, students’ writing were compiled and stored in the library of SMPIT Al Haraki, thus students can reread their writings or read their friends.

Additional session for teachers were held on Friday after mentoring session (14:30 pm). The material for teachers’ session was writing and communicating about daily activities.