My Best Experience Ever at USS by Kevin Rhaditya Divata

My Best Experience Ever at USS by Kevin Rhaditya Divata

Since the first day I was so excited when I went to the Singapore. My favourite place when I visited Singapore was Universal Studio Singapore (USS). I went to Universal Studio Singapore with my teachers and my friends. We were accompanied by our tour guide, Mr. Ali.

When we arrived at USS we took pictures in front of Universal Studio globe, though it was rain. I was very happy seeing the USS globe and knew it was very big. After that we went into the USS together. When I came in, I took a lot of beautiful photos with my friends. When we where in USS I saw a lot of rides that challenged my adrenaline, but due to the weather was still raining, so we chose indoor rides . 

When the rain had stopped, we bought fresh beverages costed affordably. We began to explore all rides at the USS that were nearby our drinking spot. Before riding the rides, we kept our bags at the locker zone that available in some areas at USS. We all enjoyed the rides with no worries of our belongings.

The first ride we tried was Transformers. The transformers rides has pretty cool 3D (or 4D) technology. It also beautifully and perfectly designed so we could feel as if we entered the real world of Transformer since the entrance gate. We was satisfied and contented so we took a short break and rode other rides. During at USS we didn’t forget to pray Zuhur and had lunch together near the “Far Far Away”.

Before we left the USS, Naufal (my friend) and I rode a ride we’d waited for long. It was “Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYCLON”. After it finished, Naufal and I was very excited because of the Cyclon Knight. It was a super awesome roller coaster!

Visiting Universal Studio Singapore was a valuable experience for me. It was the most memorable trip of my life. Thank you Al Haraki.