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The Talkative 3.0 event held from February 19th to 22nd, 2024, at SMPIT Al Haraki was successfully conducted, fostering engaging interactions in English.

Talkative stands for Talk in English with Native, a recurrent program at SMPIT Al Haraki aimed at fostering students’ confidence and fluency in the English language.

Under the theme “Speak English Confidently on a Journey towards Global Communication,” SMPIT Al Haraki invited a native speaker, Mr. Felipe from England, to lead the sessions.

During the event, the native speaker addressed various aspects of communication, including self-expression, self-assessment, and opinion articulation. He motivated students to be confident in their abilities and encouraged direct interaction and dialogue.

The students of SMPIT Al Haraki showed great enthusiasm throughout the event, feeling comfortable and unreserved in their communication. The amiable and respectful demeanor of the native speaker was well-received, fostering a positive atmosphere.

It is hoped that such activities will significantly benefit the students of SMPIT Al Haraki, particularly in improving their English language skills, especially in speaking and listening.

Gratitude is extended to the parents, guardians, and all parties involved in the Talkative 3.0 event for their support, contributing to its successful execution.