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Singapore have so many places to visit. One of them is National library of Singapore. This 16 level building have a lot of functions. Starting from kids library  until special section of Singapore and Malaysia history. This national library is located at 100 Victoria street, Singapore 188064, close to the hotel where we stayed when we had school educational trip there. The architecture of this building is modern. It was designed by T.R. Hamzah & Ken Yeang. This library have a lot of books to read.

 National Library of Singapore was built in 22 July 2005. The first room we came was history Library of Singapore on the 9th level. After some research, we found that Singapore is part of the Majapahit Kingdom. We also found some plants that used to be popular because of the rich flavour which can’t grow in the West because of the climates. Besides the plant section there are a big map with old paper. It is an old map that people of Singapore have back then.

The second library we came was the Lee kong Chian library. It is located on the underground of the library. It’s very quiet and peace there. There are computers, exhibition corners about Singapore, and kids library. The kids library is very noisy because of the kids running around and talking. The kids library is very green. The kids library has forest theme. At the centre of the library, there is a huge tree. We can use the stairs if we want to seat and read on the top of the tree. The bookshelf is decorated with the green leaves and a tree. There are many computers here but they are small and we can’t seat there because they are only for toddler. In the corner of the library there is a magical cloud when we touch it the colour change into different colour. It looks very fun at the kids library.

When we visited there, at the outside of the library, there were an exhibition about Singapore Dollar. It talked about how Singaporean did transaction in the past and how Singapore Dollar was founded. We had some free time at the exhibition. It was fun because at the exhibition we could do some activities like reading, playing games and also watching etc. There were Singapore Dollar hanging on the exhibition wall too, but they were fake. It was very fun on the NSS. If I can go to Singapore again, I will visit the library again for some research there. Thank you Al Haraki.