Adventure at Merapi by Sangga Arsa Radin

Adventure at Merapi by Sangga Arsa Radin

  Assalamu’alaikum wr. Wb. Hey there, my name is Sangga A Radin and this is my Solo and Jogja travel Log. in this Travel Log will find many exciting places that I visit different culinairies and some stories along the way.

   One of the most exciting places that I visited was the Prambanan Temple in Jogja. At the temple site we were tasked to talk to foreigners and took some photos. The name prambanan Temple was taken from the word prambanan which means a thousand. The temple itself was built upon a legend that happened many years ago involving a princess of the kingdom and a mean Prince who was tasked to build a thousand temples. Another place that I go to visit with this massive museum of what’s left of a Sugar Factory. It is called De Tjolomadoe which meant Sugar Mountain. Inside was recreations of the real machines that in the past processed and made sugar. In there we learnt about the process of how they made sugar and the history of the building.

  One of the culinary that I tried was Javanese noodles. I ordered the fried noodles and what came to me was beautiful. It had yellow not too thick and not too thin noodles. Drizzled in sweet soy sauce and the aroma of fried onions. The noodles tasted beautifully equal between savory and sweet. The other food that I tried while in Solo and Jogja was soto kadipiro it was a chicken soup with other components in it was colored yellow from the turmeric inside the soup was also vermicelli egg Inside the soup was also of course plenty of  broth  the soup warmed me  whilst outside was the pouring Rain

   My favorite part about the whole trip what’s that we get to go and ride a jeep up Merapi Mountain it was awesome the driver that we had was really cool he drifted amongst the mud.  Up merapi Mountain we went to visit a local Museum which was filled  with items that  drowned in lava and we get to see the pictures of the survivors and events of the merapi eruption. We also get to see the alien Stone which was a big stone that in certain angles can look like a face. The stone’s  existence is due to the merapi eruption and hot lava reshaping the stone. At the top was the Kaliadem bunker The Kaliadem Bunker was supposed to be a bunker for few survivors that escaped the merapi eruption. the bunker withstand the heat of the magma ashes which is also really hot but what the survivors didn’t know that there was also flowing lava down the mountain stream  it destroyed the whole thing meaning which there were no survivors of The Bunker. Up merapi Mountain We were told many stories from the past eruptions of merapi mountain. Then we got to the part where we drove around water stream we almost get wet but thanks to the cover on the Jeep, we didn’t get wet. We raced on the Jeep downhill trying to get to the water stream first it was great fun and I like my group in the Jeep.

that is all for my travel log I hope this was entertaining or educational, thank you for your attention I will see you later, Waasalamualaikum wr. Wb.