FUNTASTIC SEASON 2Batch 2By: Visha Aleezha (X Social science class)

The second season of Funtastic was not less exciting from the first season. In this season, we learned about recount text with Mr. Aaron Griffin. We also learned about simple past and present perfect with Mr. Ronald Mclawrence. The guest speakers were really fun, talkative, and inspiring, they made the event more interesting. We also learned about the culture in their hometowns and listened to them telling about their life, either in Indonesia and their hometowns. Since it was so exciting, we were so curious and wanted to know more about them either in the material, life, and culture. We had lots of fun attending this event until the end.

Not quite different from the first season, there were also projects for every material we learned in this season. The first project was the recount text where we were assigned to make a story about the most exciting experience in our life in the past. This project was meant to practice our simple past grammars, so it was a little bit hard but we managed to finish it. The second project was the quote-making project by combining two sentences. The first sentence was a simple past sentence and the second one was a present perfect sentence. After the quote was done, we decorated it and made it prettier and inspiring. It was kind of difficult in making the quote. Our guest speaker found a few mistakes in our projects and gave us corrections. Thanks to them, now we know how to use the present perfect and simple past correctly. I’m looking forward to the next season of Funtastic!