International Student Visit Singapore 2023

As an institution committed to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among its students, SMPIT Al Haraki prioritizes flagship programs designed to stimulate their interest and talent in entrepreneurship. One such program is the highly anticipated “International Student Visit Goes to Singapore,” a transformative initiative specifically. The primary objective of the program is to extend the horizons of SMPIT Al Haraki students through a thoughtfully curated three-day educational excursion that plunges them into the lively and dynamic city-state of Singapore. Beyond its educational facets, this initiative is strategically designed to instill a sense of independence and self-confidence among the participants. Throughout the journey, students are not only exposed to diverse cultural and educational experiences but are also encouraged to cultivate essential life skills. An integral component of this holistic approach is fostering an attitude of independence, showcased through the students’ ability to tend to their personal needs. Moreover, the immersive experience is crafted to encourage direct interaction with individuals from various backgrounds, including engaging with foreigners during crucial experiences such as passing through immigration. This hands-on interaction not only refines their communication skills but also builds a foundation for cross-cultural understanding and global citizenship.

The latest edition of the program, the “International Student Visit Goes to Singapore 2023,” took place from the 15th to the 17th of November. A total of 30 students, accompanied by six dedicated teacher assistants, eagerly participated in this enriching experience. Under the leadership of SMPIT Al Haraki’s Principal, Mr. Chairullah, M.Pd.I., the participants were released early in the morning on the 15th of November 2023. The journey commenced as all participants departed from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 06.30 am, traveling with Citilink. By 09.30 am, they had safely arrived at Changi International Airport, ready to embark on a journey filled with exploration and educational experiences.

The first day of the program unfolded seamlessly, beginning with an exhilarating visit to Universal Studio Singapore (USS). The students not only enjoyed the myriad of thrilling rides but also actively engaged in tasks designed to enhance their communication skills by interacting with foreign tourists. Following this immersive experience, the group explored Bugis Street, a traditional shopping center in Singapore, where they had the opportunity to engage in souvenir shopping, further enriching their cultural understanding.

The second day of the International Student Visit Singapore 2023 unfolded seamlessly, offering participants a rich and educational experience as they explored various destinations in the city-state. The day commenced with a visit to the Botanical Garden, where students from SMPIT Al Haraki had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse world of plants, including the intriguing Monkey Pot Tree and a variety of orchids.

Continuing the educational journey, the students proceeded to the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) to delve into the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Singapore, with a specific focus on the field of education. This was followed by an insightful visit to the Google Asia Pacific Office, the central hub for Google operations across the Asia Pacific region. Here, students were granted the privilege of gaining insights into the workings of Google and engaging in a comprehensive office tour.

The next destination on the itinerary was the Marina Barrage Sustainable Singapore Gallery, where students gained valuable knowledge about Singapore’s advanced technologies for converting seawater into potable water. This educational experience highlighted the city-state’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.

Culminating the day’s activities, students had the chance to explore Orchard Road and indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of Singapore’s iconic shopping district. The evening concluded with a spectacular view at Spectra A Light and Water Show, where participants were treated to a mesmerizing display of lights and water, creating a memorable and enchanting experience to cap off the second day of the International Student Visit Singapore 2023.

The final day of the International Student Visit Singapore 2023 commenced with a visit to the CapitaSpring Sky Garden, situated on the 51st floor, offering a panoramic view of lush green open spaces and the rooftop garden. From this elevated vantage point, students had the opportunity to appreciate the serene beauty of Singapore’s landscape.

Continuing their journey, the group proceeded to the ArtScience Museum, where students immersed themselves in a hands-on exploration of various technological and artistic exhibits. The museum provided an interactive platform for participants from SMPIT Al Haraki to engage with cutting-edge innovations, fostering a deeper understanding of the intersection between art and technology.

The next stop on the itinerary was the iconic Gardens by the Bay, featuring the breathtaking Flower Dome and the towering Supertree Grove. In the Flower Dome, students marveled at a diverse collection of flowers and trees, each originating from different countries around the world. Meanwhile, atop the Supertree, participants enjoyed a captivating view of Singapore from the elevated platform.

The culminating experience of the day was the visit to the Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Here, students and teachers alike were captivated by the beauty of this spectacular water feature. The journey concluded with a poignant farewell as the group made their way to Terminal 3 Changi Airport, cherishing the memories and experiences gained during their unforgettable International Student Visit to Singapore in 2023.

Then, all participants checked in to come back to Indonesia. They departed at 08.30 pm from Changi Airport by Citilink and arrived at 09.30 pm at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Then they arrived at 12.00 pm at SMPIT Al Haraki. (Ghea Suryawati)