Funtastic Season 2

Funtastic is an activity designed by the curriculum division to facilitate students in improving their English language skills. After being successfully implemented in semester 1, Funtastic was held again in semester 2.

On Wednesday, 27 January 2021 Funtastic season 2 is being held. In this semester, Funtastic presents students as presenters and moderators. This was decided to further increase the students’ confidence in interacting with native English speakers.

Starting with an opening, reading a prayer, and remarks from the principal, then students begin to interact with native English speakers.

With the theme “Learn the past, look at the present and create the future”, Mr. Aaron Griffin began explaining the use of the simple past in recount text.

After the presenter delivered the material for approximately 20 minutes, Mr. Aaron tried to provide responses to the students’ writing. General problems one by one discussed and corrected at the same time.

Then the question and answer session. The students were very enthusiastic in this session, about 8 questions were submitted by the students about simple past and some personal questions to the speaker. Students also get to know the informant’s wife who works as a translator that currently working on several film projects on the iflix channel.

The activity which lasted for 90 minutes went well, the students had learned well the use of simple past in a recount text. See you on last February for 2nd meeting of Funtastic season 2.