Funtastic Season 1 and its project – By Sulthan Zuhair, X Social science

I think the Funtastic program is actually fascinating and interesting. There are some parts where I got bored because of online activity, but there were also some parts where it’s so fun, I just can’t help but be interested. The guests were fun to talk/ listen to and there were many guests from different countries and everything. All and all it was really a fun experience in the end and I’m glad that I followed through till the end.

        The process of the video was really simple, actually. All it was or what I needed to do was cooperate and do my part. So everybody else did the same in the group and it went really smoothly. After everybody got their role and everything, we then decided to go to the zoom call and yeah, that’s it. Everybody does their own roles accordingly and there we go it’s done. We really glad we’ve known how to say gratitude and showing willingness in the correct way. Can’t wait to see the next season of Funtastic!