Excavating Students’ Potency, Courage and Skills Through Talkative

Talkative is a program in SMPIT Al Haraki that provides English native to replace English teacher teaching in the classroom for a week. It is usually held every semester in order to encourage students in learning English and give them chance to practice their English directly with native speaker. It is a great chance for students to improve their English and know how the English words are spoken properly by the native directly.

In this semester, Talkative for Students was held on February 22nd to 24th 2021. It was held to help students excavate their potency, courage and skills in order to against coronavirus pandemic and SMPIT Al Haraki invited Ms. Adeirah as our native speaker. She is very young and energetic. She really loves children since she is actually a kindergarten teacher.

In this opportunity, Ms. Adeirah taught 3 levels in 6 sessions for three days. Every session was held for 2 classes in the same level. The topics were different for every level. Level 7 discussed about Simple Present Tense by applying how the students do during pandemic. They talked about what they usually do recently during the pandemic after Ms. Adeirah explained about how Simple Present can be used in the sentence. Then, Level 8 discussed about Simple Past Tense by comparing the students activity long ago before pandemic and now. Yet 9 graders discussed about Report text and being a news anchor based on the report text that they had made before. They also learned how to be a good news anchor and students applied it in front of the class. It was fantastic.

In the middle of the class, Ms. Adeirah also invited the students to play an interactive game to engage students’ interest in her class. The students were very interested on her class. It appealed to them to speak more relax and brave in front of the classroom.

Hopefully, the students could improve their English and courage their motivation to learn English more after joining Talkative.