After the immersion program in Japan on October 2018, SMPIT Al Haraki also has another superb program:
“Entrepreneur Visit Goes to Seoul, South Korea”
Which was held on April 2019.

As we landed to Incheon Airport, we instantly fell in love with Seoul, there was Incheon Grand Park which was really clean and beautiful. The atmosphere was very soothing. We hope in Indonesia we have a similar park near the airport. We also visited Petite France and Nami Island in the same day.

Nami Island is located around 63 km from Seoul, the island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. It took us around 90 minutes to reach this destination from Myeong-dong, Seoul. Though we visited there not in autumn season, which is the best season to visit Nami Island, we were deeply in love with the natural feeling of the landscape in this island.

The next day, we visited Ginworld to study how to cultivate Ginseng, since Korea is the best country to produce Ginseng. We were amazed how sophisticated the technology they used to preserve Ginseng and how they managed the overseas sales. The original Ginseng from Korea is only produced in Ginworld. The most interesting place on that day is Seoul National University, the best university in Korea. Even for Korean people, this campus is the most favorite and quite hard to enroll there. There are partnerships and exchange programs operated with over 700 academic institutions in 40 countries, including a general academic exchange program with the University of Pennsylvania, and double-degrees with the MIT Sloan School of Management and Yale School of Management. Sporting activities, whether competitive or recreational, keep students in good shape mentally and physically, while arts and culture also rank highly on the list of what to do on campus, with students able to visit a world-class art gallery as well as attend concerts and recitals by anyone from the top K-pop sensation of the day to classically trained musicians.at the rest of the day, we visited Gyeongbok Palace and Blue House (Cheongwadae) which has long history to be learned.

On the third day, we visited the most fascinated campus, Ewha Women University, the first and biggest university that specially held for woman students only. Since its first class, Ewha’s pioneering efforts have led to its becoming the first educational institute for women and the first government-accredited four-year university in Korea. Ewha has now grown into one of Korea’s most prestigious schools and the world’s largest women’s university with nearly 25,000 students and 987 faculty members within 11 colleges, 15 graduate schools, and 66 research institutes. In 2013, Ewha ranked 1st among Korean universities in CWTS Leiden Ranking and in the number of law clerks produced, and produced the highest number of women executives in Korea’s top 100 companies. Visiting this campus inspired us to enroll and become student here. We had an amazing time exploring the beautiful building and scenery there. On the same day we learn how to make kimchi, special Korean dishes, at Kimchi School. And also we visited the most popular and biggest library in a Mall, Starfield Library. There we could see a super tall tower inside the building which was built with a ton of books. It was really amazing to see the glamorous style combined with artsy and unique style.

Before the last day, we visited MBC World, there we learn about how a movie being produced and how to be news anchors and forecast reporter. We also had a lot of fun playing and exploring the sophisticated MBC World Broadcast Theme Park tours and activities. At the same day, we learned about healthy blood at Red Pine, then we visited Grevin Museum, and Itaewon Mosque and also we shopped at Myeongdong.

In Korea, we stayed at Marina Bay Hotel, Seoul, and was guided by a super kind local guide named Ellis. The students was very happy and felt so sad when say good bye to her. We really hope, students get many experiences from this journey.