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Assalamualaikum, my name is Atika Zahra Hapsari. I currently study in SMPIT Al-Haraki and am an eight grader. I joined in Student Visit Goes to Singapore because I wanted to increase my knowledge about other countries and I wanted to add more fun experiences with my friends and my teachers.

On our last day on Singapore, we went to a few different places. One of them was Art Science Museum. There we could learn more about technology which was combined with science. Beside learning about science, we also could play with various stuffs that was really fun.

Why did I pick this destination to be share? One of many reasons was because I love science and technology. Besides, I also wanted to add my knowledge about technology in Singapore. Because of that, when I heard about this Art Science Museum, I was very interested to come here. 

Art Science Museum is located in Marina bay sands zone, downtown core, central area of Singapore. This museum is officially opened by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong at 17th of February 2011. This museum is the first art science themed museum in the whole world. The architectural shape of this building is inspired by a lotus flower.

There are a lot of exhibition here, one of the permanent exhibition is Future World. When we enter this exhibition, we will faced by a giant wall that above it has a projector and it project falling flower animation. What made me happy there was a long and wide slide. The slide happened to have a projection coming to them and a sensor. The slide itself is teaching us science about how a flower gets it rays of sunlight. So that when we slide off this slide we could see a flowers blooming right in the bottom of the slide.

Beside the slide, we also could try a lot of fun activities. One of them was the part that we were given a piece of paper to draw on. We could draw whatever we want and after we drew something we could scan the picture. The best thing was, after we scanned the picture, our drawing was showed in a huge screen. That screen was also full of other people’s drawings. That was so magical and fantastic. For now, that’s all of my story. If you guys have a chance to come to visit Singapore don’t forget to visit Art Science Museum. Thank you Al Haraki.