Alki Goes to Singapore 2018 : “Broaden Your Knowledge to Lead The World”

International Student Visit 2018 – Alki Goes to Singapore

On February 6th 2018, Al Haraki had an international student visit program with a theme, “Broaden Your Knowledge to Lead The World.” To be the next leaders, Al Haraki’s students should have no barrier with the world outside their own country. We accommodated exclusively 30 students and 4 teachers. Plus, we were accompanied by the director of SIT Al Haraki, Mrs. Susi P. Krisnawan and a vice principle of SDIT Al Haraki, Mrs. Nurin.

In Singapore we visited Art Science Museum and National Library Singapore as representation of gaining knowledge about literacy and technology. We also visited Flower Dome at Garden by The Bay and Malay Heritage. We observed many kinds of beautiful flowers and fascinated by the design of The Dome. To complete our journey, we visited Esplanade and Merlion which was the icon of Singapore. To bring our memories home, we spent hours in China Town and Bugis Street. We bought many iconic souvenirs there. We took time to pray in Mesjid Sultan and fortunately we also pray in a mosque across our hotel, Boss Hotel. In addition, we had fun for more than 5 hours in Universal Studio Singapore and we joined in amazing rides and games.

Visiting Singapore is actually a never ending story. This wasn’t our first experience to bring our students to Merlion City, but we always have different memorable moments in each visit. Such as, in this year, at National Library, unexpectedly we could enter a Melayu exibition and got full explanation about the history of Melayu. We found that some of our ancestor (Indonesian) had connection to Singapore. The information we got from Melayu Exibition was different with the information from Melayu Heritage. So, this enriched us with complete history of Melayu culture in Singapore.

The last but not least, our students who involved in this program had successfully brought knowledge and sweet memories from Singapore. We believe they can implement what they have learnt in Singapore. We’re very thankful to parents who totally supported us in every aspect. We’re hoping we can accommodate more students in a longer period of visit next year.

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